This is what I'm up to now

Updated March 15, 2016


What am I working on?


Lettering Animation

I am on a mission to discover the depths of lettering animation. Hand lettering is such an expressive form of communication and I love giving it an extra infusion of life with motion. 

Lettering Animation


Mograph Mentor

In the summer, I joined the Mograph Mentor team as Product Director. I'm working remotely several hours a week and helping out with, well, product direction as well as communication and on-boarding with students.

Mograph Mentor


Client Work

Client work has been my bread and butter in terms of income during the first year of being freelance. I've worked with a wide range of studios, agencies and clients. 


What am I listening to?


Reply All

Perspective Podcast

Creative Pep Talk

Design Life

Being Freelance



Alina Baraz

Trolls soundtrack

La La Land soundtrack

What communities am I involved in?

Mograph Mentor (student slack group)

School of Motion (bootcamp alumni)

Level Up (lettering artist collective)

Wistia (large group of video marketing peeps)

The League of Value-Focused Video Makers (smaller group of video marketing peeps)

seanwes (business/creative membership)


inspiration for this page: now now now

Where am I?

Boone, NC

London, UK