Is Full Harbor Membership for you?

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You’re feeling a bit stuck…

Motion is fun and all, but you find yourself in a situation where you’re not getting the clients you want and you feel like you have to say yes to the crappy clients with crappy budgets… which means you have to take MORE work and that leaves you with no time, much less any energy to make meaningful personal projects that could attract better work.

Or maybe you’re in a job that pays you enough to cover your bills and take a nice vacation every year, but you’re not getting interesting work.

You don’t know if you’ve got the chops or the network to jump into freelance world.

On paper things seem easy enough, but when you add life into the mix, things get complicated

It’s not that you don’t try hard enough.

Life just gets in the way.

Those three projects for clients that just won’t wrap up because of endless revisions, dirty dishes, laundry, Game of Thrones bingers 😜

In Full Harbor Membership, you’re going to have a nice slow paced accountability group. We’re here to help push you along with your personal projects, build a better reel, land the work you really want to be making!

It’s 100% possible to find the time. In FHM, you’ll get inspiration to kick it up a notch, education and add a new animation skill to your tool belt and feedback to tighten up your work.

You’re getting a crazy deal

I already think $29/month is going to be a great deal, but for this opening launch, I’m giving you a deal that is pretty crazy.

Instead of paying $29/month, which would total up to $348 for the year… you’ll pay for the first year and get 7 months for FREE! So the total comes to $145 (over $200 off).

I invite you to invest in your career. Full Harbor Membership is going to be a lot of fun. And it’s only going to get better.

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