In the spirit of A-Ha's Take On Me, my film was created with pencil and paper.

The Process

I did some research on how the A-Ha music video was created, and I found out it was pencil sketches at 14 fps. I looked into rotocoping and considered getting a Wacom. In the end, I went with the most basic (and time consuming) process I could think of. It looked like this:

  1. Storyboard
  2. Shoot footage with my iPhone
  3. Edit the film at 14 fps
  4. Export frames as JPGs
  5. Print each frame out – yep, every frame - onto real paper (CRAZY)
  6. tracing each frame onto a blank piece of paper over a lightbox (EVEN CRAZIER)
  7. scanning every sketch
  8. importing image sequences in After Effects. 

There were about 1,000 drawn pages in the end. 

This was the first video I ever created (besides home videos). And I'm proud of the literal blood, sweat and tears it took to produce.