Get your logo animated!

– Pilot Program –

At this moment, there are 40 students learning how to animate
by going through the beta version of The Lettering Animation Course.
In a few weeks, they will be equipped and eager to animate some real client logos!
Read on for a special offer...


Hey 👋 I’m a motion designer and I make brands look GOOOOOD with animation. Even more than looking good, I can give your branding an additional level of emotion and character that your customers and audience will fall in love with.

I’ve been in the creative services industry for a decade and I’ve worked with worldwide brands such as Honda, Chick-fil-A, Vans Shoes, as well as smaller brands (that I enjoy even more) like Smart Passive Income and Pine Cove Camp.

Normal animation price

Normally I charge between $1,000 and $5,000 for logo animations and brand motion packages.

I’m training 40 students to make amazing animations in an intensive 8-week course. They’re going to come out the other end with an incredible skill and a passion to put it to work.

And I have you, a "launch-trepreneur" with an audience that won’t be able to contain themselves with how eye catching, beautiful and professional your brand looks and feels.

The opportunity

I invite you to join the pilot program where you get your logo animated by a hand picked graduate of The Lettering Animation Course. 

How much will it cost? It won't even cost my lowest price of $1,000. It will only cost you $499. This will cover their tuition cost ($399) and my art direction/producer fee (greatly reduced to $100). 



The Process

Apply to take advantage of this pilot program.

A $200 refundable fee will book your spot on the list.

Students will graduate at the end of January. After that, each project will take 2 weeks from beginning to end. 

Apply Now

You can click here to apply. 

There are only a few questions. This is a unique opportunity to get some amazing animation work done on your brand.