Lettering Animation for Beginners
Mini-Course – Part 1


Hey, you can share this with other lettering artists who might want to learn animation :D

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Who is this mini-course for?

  • Lettering artists who want to stand out from the crowd of static designs out there
  • Designers who want to add animation to their client services
  • Anyone who wants to animate but finds After Effects complicated and random tutorials out there just don't cut it

Plugins mentioned

gifGun plugin

If you find yourself creating loads of GIFs... gifGun is a huge time saver. 

After Effects file download

Lettering Animation Mini-Course Pt 1.ae

In this After Effects file, you'll get what was in the training video. 

  • Linear vs Easy Ease examples
  • "a" write on
  • "Lettering Animation" write on


  • Create your own lettering animation write on with Trim Paths and Easy Ease
  • If it's your first animation, stick with the basics
  • If you're a little more seasoned, push the boundaries and get creative
  • Use the hashtag #LetteringAnimation and tag me (@ItsAustinSaylor on Twitter, Instagram and Dribbble) I'd love to see what you make

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