Mograph Coaching


In The Lettering Animation Course you got a solid introduction to the world of motion design and hopefully you're getting more and more confident in your abilities to bring words and graphics to life with animation.

Now that the class is over, what's next for you?

Whether you're looking to get freelance gigs, find a motion design job or do more animation work at your current job, you're bound to run into obstacles.

  • Maybe you need some clarity.
  • Maybe you don't know what you should be doing next.
  • Maybe you feel lost in all the options in front of you.
  • Maybe you keep having the same problems with After Effects and just need a personalized nudge in the right direction.

What will a Mograph Coaching call look like?

  • Before the call
    • You'll fill out few questions in a form so we can hit the ground running
  • During the call (you'll get some or all of the following based on your needs)
    • 90 minute recorded video call with me
    • We'll uncover the obstacle that's getting in your way and a way around or through it
    • Career guidance
    • After Effects help
  • You'll leave with
    • An action plan 
    • Peace of mind that you have some next steps
    • Clarity on your situation
  • After the call
    • Accountability: You'll send me an email update based on your action plan


Number of sessions

This will take you to a checkout page. I'll then send my Mograph Coaching calendar where you can schedule your best time and purchase. 

If you have trouble with the checkout page, just email me at and we'll figure it out.

Note: The date & time you choose is not guaranteed to be the final date & time, but if it needs to be changed, we'll find a date & time that works for both of us.