Motion Design Coaching
for Graphic Design Teams

You’ve got a kickass in-house design team that eats, sleeps and breathes all things design.

You know what would really spruce things up? Yep… motion!!!

For motion design, After Effects the way to go. It’s super powerful, but with great power comes an intimidating learning curve.

Over the last decade, I’ve discovered that dipping your toes into Youtube tutorials is the quickest way to get… frustrated out of your mind. I’ve been there. Multiple times.

Everything changed when I started learning by taking courses and getting mentors.

My work went from meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to hell yeah 🔥💯

I have since gone on to animate for amazing brands all over the world (Honda, American Express, Freddie Mac, Vans, and lots more). And for the last 2 years I’ve taught 100+ students After Effects through my Lettering Animation Course and countless more through blog posts, tutorials and several for one-on-one coaching.

Now I am bringing this expertise to build a program to train your design team.

Your design team can get up to speed with motion design from my coaching tailored to their needs and your business… even if they have zero After Effects experience.

Every training session will be tailored to the needs of your business and to the level of your designers’ skills.

And with weekly calls, your team will be up and running in a matter of 6 weeks.

Everything will be recorded so you’ll essentially end up with a personalized animation course that you can keep to train any new employees.

This is a $10,000 training package, but for a limited time, I’m offering it for $3,000.

The reason for the special offer is because I don’t have the case studies and testimonials from full design teams. The only thing I want out of this is to earn a great testimonial from you.

I would love to coach your team and give them exactly the training they need to make great animations to elevate your brand, catch people’s eyes and create more engaging and fun content for social, your website and your videos.

What you get:

intro to ae.png

Intro to After Effects Starter Course

(Valued at $200 per person)

This is a 2-hour kick starter course that will get your designer up to speed with all of the After Effects things they need to know (but none of the stuff they don’t) to get the most out of the training sessions.

Many of the lessons include practice exercises to really help it stick.

Check out the curriculum here.


Six 90-min live training video calls

Each session is interactive and I will be training your team how to animate things that are catered to your business needs!

These are all recorded, so at the end, you will essentially have a custom course that you can refer back to and even train new designers that join your team!


I will animate your logo

($1,000 value)

Part of this training package is a custom logo animation by me. After the first few sessions, I will animate your logo and use one of the sessions to show your team how I did it and how they can best utilize this logo animation across many mediums (like YouTube, Instagram, email signatures, your website, etc.).

*If you already have or don’t want your company logo animated… I can animate a different design… like a conference logo, a badge design or a social media graphic :)