Questions and conversations

It starts with learning more about you, your business and your audience. We have discussions through email, phone and/or Skype, FaceTime (insert your favorite way to talk over the internet) to get additional information about the project, such as existing brand guidelines, content and business goals.

What you are responsible for


You are the expert in your industry. You get to tell me what your goals are for the project. Are you looking for an increase in email signups, higher conversion rates, lower unsubscribe rates, increase in revenue, brand awareness for a new demographic?


Content is defined as the written copy or the script.


After I have all the information I need, and we have thoroughly discussed the project details, I will send a contract that includes all details discussed (time frame, responsibilities, goals, content, deliverables, terms, etc.). I will also send you a detailed project process that outlines all that I will be doing specific to your project.

What I am responsible for

I am responsible for delivering you the best solution to meet or exceed your goals for the project.

You are an expert in your industry. And I’m an expert in my craft. You won’t be subjected to making design decisions. This requires a bit of trust. The point of this is to allow me, as the professional motion design, to make the design decisions. This is in your best interest. A lot of motion designers will make revisions untill you are pleased.

What's wrong with you being pleased? Nothing is inherintly wrong with it. Where most go wrong with this is they cater their designs and animations to the whims of the non-designer. You are hiring me to make something that will achieve your goals. That's what I'm here to do.

Sketches & Storyboard

I start the design process by sketching to explore the right direction. The sketches are incorporated into a storyboard. The storyboard places the content into the timing of the animation.


An animatic is a rough video made out of the storyboard sketches, put on top of music and voice overs (if the project calls for these).

Style frames

Style frames are still images of key parts of the animation. The purpose of style frames is to build the look of the project and assure the style is consistent throughout.


This is where I start to make things move. I start with a rough pass of the whole animation. This is nothing pretty at first, but after a few passes, everything starts coming together.

Presentation & Delivery

When the project is complete, I will put together a presentation to show my process work and explain all of the design decisions that were made in the process. This way you know you are getting the best solution. Along with the full case study and the final animation in low resolution, I will send the final invoice. I will deliver all of the full resolution deliverables upon final payment.

Hire me for your next project

Answer these 2 questions in your email to get the conversation started...

- What value does your business/product add to your audiences life?

- What business results do you want to achieve?