Is Full Harbor Membership for you?

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You’re new to motion design…

Motion is fun. It’s valuable to clients. It’s a growing industry. But it can be intimidating when you first get started.

There are a million and a half directions you could go, things you could focus on, styles you can feel like you NEED to master before calling yourself a motion designer.

The truth is, you only need a solid base understanding of animation principles and After Effects techniques to provide value to clients or studios.

You need support (After Effects is hard)

There are probably thousands of individual parameters, effects, etc. you could learn in After Effects… and literally infinite combos of all of those, so where do you start?

How do you know what to learn next?

In Full Harbor Membership, you will be able to give the community the context of where you’re at, generally where you want to go and get specific advice and coaching on what to learn next, how to get good and even get feedback on those projects you’re working on.

You’re getting a crazy deal

I already think $29/month is going to be a great deal, but for this opening launch, I’m giving you a deal that is pretty crazy.

Instead of paying $29/month, which would total up to $348 for the year… you’ll pay for the first year and get 7 months for FREE! So the total comes to $145 (over $200 off).

I invite you to invest in your career. Full Harbor Membership is going to be a lot of fun. And it’s only going to get better.

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