I had the wonderful opportunity to make an animated film to promote Pine Cove's super cool app called CampLife. It gives parents peace of mind when they send their child off to summer camp for the first time. 

Client: Pine Cove
Storyboard: Adam West
Design: Austin Saylor
Animation: Austin Saylor
Audio: Austin Saylor


The client sent a fully thought out storyboard and script that we only changed slightly throughout the production.



I took to Photoshop to sketch out some rough directions for the illustrations.



The idea was to have a bunch of illustrations transition from one to the next. Knowing this, I designed them to be so they would work well with the previous and next illustrations. Not every scene lended to a perfect transition, so I also used a grungy wipe transition when I needed to.


Animation test

For the calendar page flip, I decided to animate it frame-by-frame, so I did a rough animation in Photoshop first, then used that as reference for animating a couple shape layers in After Effects.



This was the first time I worked with texture for a full video. I went to the local art store, bought a roller and black ink and went to town on some blank paper. The texturing process in After Effects was simple enough, but really time consuming. I saved texturing for the very end so I wouldn't have to retexture if animations needed to change.


Final thoughts

This was a great project to work on. Adam contacted me ready to bring on someone who could make an awesome animated film. They hadn't hired out for a full animation before, so it was great going through that process with them. This is one of my favorite pieces I've ever worked on. Thanks guys!

"I am so thrilled with the video Austin made for us! We had big dreams of creating a unique and engaging story to market our app, but needed someone to make it possible. Austin jumped right on board with our vision and brought our ideas to life! He was easy and fun to work with, and made this process worth every penny."

Kristen Murphy