Ep. 004 The Instagram Episode

This episode is jam packed with lots of tips on how to do Instagram better!

  • Looping animations
  • Getting rid of that pesky black frame Instagram throws in there some times
  • Render size: 1080x1080
  • The Instagram algorithm
  • How to set Instagram goals

Ep. 002 Networking Made Easy

For those who somehow haven't gotten over the word "networking" and still think it's a slimy business card slinging thing you do, networking is synonymous with relationship building.

In this episode, I give several pieces of advice for putting yourself out there, connecting with new people as well as my number networking challenge.


Ep. 001 Welcome to Motion Mayhem

Motion Mayhem is a brand new short form podcast where we discuss the motion design industry from the creative and business angle as well as weird things you can do as a motion design beyond keyframes for clients.

Thanks for listening. More to come!