One of the challenges to making this video was finding a place and time to shoot the video of me talking.

We don't have a dedicated studio and our office is pretty noisy during the day, so I ended up getting to work really early to setup and record before anyone else came in. 

I ended up shooting three different mornings to get it right.

First Take...

  • I was wearing a shirt that wasn't very flattering to my skin tone
  • The dark background didn't give the video the lightness we wanted
  • I was rather droll.. no hand/body movements and monotone talking

Second Take

  • Better background light 
  • Better movement and voice work
  • Still not quite the attire we were looking for (more biz casual and no hat)
  • Not enough headroom.. kind of awkward cropping

Third Time's a Charm



  • Better movements and voice
  • Better lighting
  • I got a haircut! 
  • Sharp shirt

This was my first time on camera instead of just being behind it. This was the second challenge. You can see a thread on Wistia's Community where they gave a lot of feedback and helped me improve this video greatly. Getting good, honest feedback from is invaluable!


I storyboarded the whole video before shooting. You can admire my mad drawing skills below.


I don't always stick with a storyboard religiously. Things don't always work out like you image.


Below is a more detailed board for the shots of the actual mobile pos device.


This video has been performing really well. I think it's thanks to a variety of things.

  • The video is about something that can really benefit retailers (it's the most powerful mobile pos platform out there today)
  • The script focuses on how this can benefit the customer
  • The combination of a friendly, professional face, product shots, and explainer animations

This was a blast to produce and am planning to produce more like it.

If you have any questions about how I made any of this or just want to say hi, contact me here or find me on Twitter or Instagram.