$250k countdown


It happened last Friday. I was having a perfectly good time sitting in the back row of the Phoenix chapter of Creative Mornings listening to Elizabeth Mead talk about how the END of the old is the BEGINNING of the new. I resonate with this sentiment because a few years ago, my wife and I narrowly escaped our apartment before it completely burned down. Through the recovery process of losing everything and realizing we could have quite literally been dead, we turned this END into the BEGINNING of our new life. We started working hard to build the lives we wanted.

A year later, I left my job to pursue motion design full time! And a year after that, my wife left her job to pursue writing novels! Since then, we've had the most ridiculous 3 years. We lived in London for 3 months, traveled all over Europe, moved out to Arizona and launch The Lettering Animation Course and Full Harbor Membership. Our END moment was truly the catapult to a wonderful BEGINNING.

So when Elizabeth asked for a brave soul to come up front and do some live coaching in front of everyone, I was feeling electrified. My friend Dana jabbed me in the side urging me to raise my, which caught Elizabeth's eye... and she called me out! My hand shot up into the air and I walked down to the front, a little jolt of adrenaline pumping with each step.


After telling her what I do, she asked where I wanted to be at the END of 1 year. "Declare your END MOMENT", she implored.

I stood there with a mic in hand and declared confidently (ok, I might have been a little shaky) that in 12 months, my business will make $250k and will have it's first employee! I know that's a big number (I've never made more than $100k which already feels big), but I operate out of a mindset of possibility and believe anything is possible.

"What about your 5 year END MOMENT?"

In 5 years, I will be working on the business more than in it and I'll be on the road helping my wife promote her books!

"10 years?"

Full Harbor will be putting an end to the starving artist mindset. It will be what creatives recall as the push that got them out of scarcity mindset and kick the habit of undervaluing themselves... and now they are on the path to financial prosperity. 

"How about 75 years?"

I realize now that I would be 110 years old, so my answer probably sounded funny to the crowd, but re-thinking it, I probably won't be around by then, so Full Harbor will be run by a fantastic team, making a huge impact on creative folks all around the world.

It was a wild experience to be put on the spot in front of 50+ strangers to make a bold declaration about my business.

The countdown is on.