Get your WistiaFest videos lookin' fly with animated filters!

Lookin' fly? I'm old-er-ish. It's ok.

What is an animated filter?

I basically stole the name filter from Snapchat to mean "graphics you overlay onto your video."

I love Snapchat filters and thought it would be super cool to make some animations that you can use like a Snapchat filter.

Why should you use these?

Show your love for WistiaFest and gain eternal WistiaFest glory, duh 😜 It's just a fun way to add something special to your already super special memories captured on video!

I'm a huge fan of Wistia (and I suspect you are as well), and wanted to give back in my own little way.

Examples of the Filters in Use

How to Use

Step 1: Download the animations

Step 2: Import into your favorite video editing software (Premiere Pro, Final Cut 7 or X, iMovie, etc.) just like you would any of your normal video footage

Step 3: Place on a track over your video footage


These animations are colorful, so it will be best to put them over footage that allows for high contrast.

You can flip the animations and move them around to fit your footage better.

  • In Premiere Pro - Effects panel > Video Effects > Flip Vertical… drag this onto the animation clip

  • In Premiere Pro - the other effects panel > toggle down motion > change position values to move it around


Upload to Wistia

Upload your footage to contribute to Wistia's crowdsourced recap video 🎉 They make the best recap videos and it's super fun if they use your footage :D