Lettering Animation Workshop

Part 3


The Lettering Animation Course is closed for enrollment

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the workshop and have learned a lot about After Effects and animating lettering.

The course is closed now, but if you’d like to hear when it opens again, make sure to sign up below.



Hey, you can share this with other lettering artists who might want to learn animation :D

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You should watch these in order:

If you haven't seen Part 1, you'll want to watch that first.

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2


Who is this mini-course for?

  • Lettering artists who want to stand out from the crowd of static designs out there

  • Designers who want to add animation to their client services

  • Anyone who wants to animate but finds After Effects complicated and random tutorials out there just don't cut it



  • Create a bouncy write on animation with the new Alpha Matte technique... and be sure to customize your graph editor curves!!

  • If it's your first animation, bounce the first and last strokes

  • If you're a little more seasoned, push the boundaries and get creative

  • Use the hashtag #LetteringAnimation and tag me (@ItsAustinSaylor on Twitter and Instagram) I'd love to see what you make!



Keyboard shortcuts mentioned

Shift + F3 (on Mac, you may need to do Shift + fn + F3)
Open/Close graph editor

Cmd + F
Takes you to the search bar in the timeline

. (period)
Zoom in

, (comma)
Zoom out

Alt + → or ← (when keyframe(s) is selected)
Move keyframe one frame to the right or left

Pan behind tool (to move anchor point)