Lettering Animation Workshop

Part 1


The Lettering Animation Course

is open for enrollment for a limited time… so I just wanted to make sure you saw that before it was too late. I hope you’re enjoying the free workshop… and if you are, I think you’ll love what’s in the full, 7-week course.

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This workshop is for you if…

  • you’re a lettering artist or type nerd

  • you want to add animation to you client services

  • you want to learn animation but you find After Effects complicated and random tutorials out there just don't cut it

*Download these older versions of this After Effects file if you use Ae CS6 – CC 15.

In this After Effects file, you'll get what was in the training video. 

  • Linear vs Easy Ease examples

  • "a" write on animation

  • "Lettering Animation" write on animation


  • Create your own write on lettering animation with Trim Paths and Easy Ease

  • If it's your first animation, stick with the basics

  • If you're a little more seasoned, push the boundaries and get creative

  • Use the hashtag #LetteringAnimation and tag me (@ItsAustinSaylor on Twitter and Instagram) I'd love to see what you make… I may even share some posts on my stories/feed!

  • Join the Facebook pop-up group

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