Lettering Animation Workshop

Part 2

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Who is this workshop for?

  • Lettering artists who want to stand out from the crowd of static designs out there

  • Designers who want to add animation to their client services

  • Anyone who wants to animate but finds After Effects complicated and random tutorials out there just don't cut it

Plugins mentioned



Butt Capper

In this After Effects file, you’ll find:

  • Spacing

  • Graph Editor / Anticipation

  • Variable width write-on animation

Keyboard shortcuts

Shift + F3 (on Mac, you may need to do Shift + fn + F3)
Open/Close graph editor

Cmd + D
Duplicate selected layer or composition

Cmd + [ (left bracket) or ] (right bracket)
Move selected layer up or down by one

Cmd + ↑ or ↓
Change which layer is selected by going up or down

Cmd + Shift + â†‘ or ↓
Select layers as you go up or down

B (for beginning)
Move beginning of work area to playhead

N (for end)
Move end of work area to playhead

' (apostrophe)
Turn on/off Title/Action Safe (good for lining things up to the middle)


  • Create a write on animation with the new Alpha Matte technique... and be sure to customize your graph editor curves!!

  • If it's your first animation, stick with the basics

  • If you're a little more seasoned, push the boundaries and get creative

  • Use the hashtag #LetteringAnimation and tag me (@ItsAustinSaylor on Twitter and Instagram) I'd love to see what you make!

  • Join the Facebook pop-up group

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