Learn Lettering Animation


The Lettering Animation Course is going through the beta class... registration will open back up sometime in 2018.


I've spent a LOT of time discovering different ways to animate custom lettering. Hand lettering is such an expressive form of communication and I love giving it an extra infusion of life with motion.

If you love lettering and you love animation, this is the place for you. 

Animated Alphabet Project

When you sign up, you get free access to all of the following After Effects files.

That's huge! I have learned tons from the rare find of other's source files. This is usually a treasured asset kept close to the chest, but I want to you to be able to get a behind the scenes look at how these are made whenever you need a hit of inspiration and help.

I want to empower you to create meaningful and beautiful things you may have otherwise thought impossible. I just happen to be doing lettering animation.

I want to be a living example of what it is to move in this world with intention and not follow the typical life path. For years, I've seen example after example of people living life on different terms. Terms that they set for themselves. And I finally feel like I'm starting to step into that in a real way.

I moved to London for 3 months, travelled to 8 countries and a dozen different cities, plan on living in 4 different states before the year is up. I keep getting the same response when I tell people what I've been up to this year...

"WOW. I wish I could do that."

A couple years ago, if someone told me the same story, I would have been jealous and asked them for a step-by-step plan of how I could do that.

Fortunately, the principles that got me to where I am are relatively simple.

  • Focus like a laser on what you want most in life.
  • Take responsibility and stop blaming others (job, boss, spouse, etc.)
  • Keep your eye out for opportunities in forms you weren't expecting.
  • Help others get what they want.

If you feel at all stuck in a life you didn't imagine for yourself, I'm 100% sure you can make small changes today that will make a lasting positive impact in the future.