This is what I'm up to now

Updated April 6, 2018


What am I working on?

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The Lettering Animation Course

This is the best way to learn how to animate your lettering. I took the beta group through the course at the beginning of the year. And I've taken their feedback to fine tune the material so it's super tight. The students got great results and we all had a blast learning and creating together. Enrollments will open several times a year.

Lettering Animation


Client Work

Client work has been my bread and butter in terms of income during the first year of being freelance. I've worked with a wide range of studios, agencies and clients. 


What am I listening to?


Reply All

Creative Pep Talk


Go Go Penguin

Lane 8

The Japanese House

Courses I'm Taking


Instagram with Intention

Successful Podcasting



Mograph Mentor (Classes 1, 2, 3)

School of Motion - Animation Bootcamp

Learn Lettering


inspiration for this page: now now now

Where am I?

Boone, NC

London, UK

Digital Nomad (I'm probably in either Greenville SC, Asheville, Charlotte, or North Myrtle Beach)

Tempe, AZ

What am I reading?

Harry Potter series


... Finished Recently ...

Your Best Year Ever

Finding God in the Waves

The Happiness Hypothesis

The Road

Deep Work

The 10X Rule



Invisible Ink

When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead

Getting to Yes

You Are Now Less Dumb

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Happiness Advantage

What activities am I doing?

My wife and I traveled Europe on the weekends while we lived in London for 3 months this Spring!

We lived the digital nomad life and visiting friends and family in North Carolina for June and July. 

In August we road tripped ourselves and all our stuff across the U.S. to our new home in Tempe, AZ! Now we're exploring the desert and experiencing what it feels like to live in an oven.

I've been getting back into skateboarding and LOVING it again.