Proactively avoiding burnout

I felt like I was going to throw up

It was the morning after enrollment ended on my founding member’s launch for Full Harbor Membership. I paced the living room, sweating and running my hands through my hair.

It wasn't because it was a total failure. In fact, I nearly hit my stretch goal of 135 founding members (132 joined). So why the sick feeling in my stomach?!

Keep reading to know why…

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Getting in the zone with motion design

Getting in the zone is the best feeling. Time seems to fly by, Twitter and Instagram fade away in your mind and you are one with your animation. Read on to learn how to get in the zone on a daily basis…

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We're Animating Masses, Not Lines

I've been reading through The Animator's Survival Kit the last couples weeks and this one concept was such a huge thing for my brain. We're animating masses, not lines. 

Arrow... in my heart.


I've totally been moving lines around the screen without enough care for the mass that belongs to and defines the way the things should move.

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